The Glass Wall

What kind of Glass Wall do you face at work and what should you do about it?

Answer the below by selecting one of the options for each question.

Question Your Answer
1. I am not very ambitious.
2. I prefer not to make demands of my boss.
3. People underestimate my creativity.
4. I worry about failure.
5. Other people are noticed more than me.
6. I don't like to speak out in meetings.
7. I sometimes have problem relationships at work.
8. I don't know who to confide in at work when I have a real problem.
9. I sometimes feel like giving up.
10. I take things personally at work.
11. I don't usually get angry at work.
12. I can't always see a way through a problem.
13. I usually help others without being sure there's something in it for me.
14. I don't have a network to rely on.

Your Results:

Any Glass Wall you're facing is rubber. The more you run at it the further you bounce off it. If you ever find yourself in a situation where the more you try, the worse it gets, we have solutions for you. Calm down, back off a bit, and start to box clever.

Chapter 6 (ANGER) will be particularly useful to you.

Any Glass Wall you're facing is fragile. If you can assert yourself a bit more, you will find that you can break through. Sometimes we all feel like we are facing a situation that no one else has experienced but this just isn't the case. Also, you are stronger than you think, and we will show you techniques that help you thrive.

See chapters 1 (AMBITION) and 5 (RESILIENCE).

Any Glass Wall you're facing is ice cold. It may be that you should be using your charm to ease your way out of situations that you're currently confronting head on. You need some techniques to melt the wall, and not the ones you have been using.

See chapters 2 (CREATIVITY) and 4 (KARMA) for ideas on melting that wall now.

Any Glass Wall you're facing is a mirror. Sometimes the more you try to solve a situation, the worse it gets and the less you feel that you can see a way through the problem. Stop worrying about what people might think of you, stick to your instincts and stick up for yourself.

Take note of chapters 3 (CUTTING THROUGH) and 4 (TROUBLE).

The Glass Wall
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